People.  People!  I have just watched the 1993 made-for-TV version of Gypsy and THERE IS A TINY ELISABETH MOSS!  She’s playing Bette Midler’s daughter and she’s like ten years old!  And she spend every single second of screen-time wearing boy-clothes!  First she’s some kind of strange tulip page:

Screen-capture shows three children in ridiculous costumes against a theatrical back-drop.  The middle one is tiny Elisabeth Moss standing very upright and wearing a bright red jacket with massive yellow buttons and massive white cuffs and collar, a bright blue cap, and bright blue baggy trousers that go almost up to her armpits.

And she does this:

Tiny Elisabeth Moss again in the same scene.  We can now see that on her baggy blue trousers is a big tulip design.  She is holding her arms above her head with hands linked like a ballerina and looks like she’s concentrating hard.

And then she holds a tiny dog:

Tiny Elisabeth Moss in the same costume sitting at a wooden table with a long-haired brown dog on her lap.

And then she is a tiny 1920s newsperson:

A smiling and slightly blurry tiny Elisabeth Moss wearing a striped shirt, brown-and-cream patterned tank-top, braces (or suspenders if you’re North American) and a cloth cap.

And then — then! — this happens:

Tiny Elisabeth Moss dressed as Uncle Sam, carrying a blatantly fake rifle and wearing blatantly stuck-on white sideburns and beard.

And she does this:

Tiny Elisabeth Moss still dressed as Uncle Sam, slightly blurry because she is doing a heel-kick!


Then the character grows up a bit and changes actors.  But it’s okay because the film is actually really good and to be honest it would have been distracting if it had been tiny adorable Elisabeth Moss all the way through.